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Who Are These Two Pros?


Tod (left) and Vicky Eltzroth (right) created Photodelux over 10 years ago, to meet a need in the photography industry for the bride and groom on a budget. We have photographed and processed around 25 weddings a year with a formula for young couples that gives professional, corrected images for around a thousand dollars. We do it with a smile and ease that actually helps the day go smoother for everyone involved.

Tod has been creating images since 1979, beginning with a black and white darkroom as a teenager. Tod graduated from the 2008 David Ziser Digital Master Class and is a regular at the yearly National Association of Photoshop Professionals Convention, learning new tips and fresh ideas. Before creating Photodelux, Tod worked with and learned from Tony and Marty Steer who are "Sharpshots" based in Fairfield, Ohio. Tod is versed in Lightroom and Photoshop and attended Antonelli School of Photography.

Tod says, "At Photodelux we believe you need a male and female touch on every event to get the best result. We both have a spiritual background and see this as a relationship more than a buisness venture." Together the Eltzroth's have photographed in traditional environments but are delighted with young clients and their willingness to try new things. Let us help you record some great images with a mix of journalistic and posed shots that will delight for years to come!

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