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Why Choose Us


Why is our Wedding Service Better?

We provide unlimited wedding day coverage from start to finish! We are there while you are getting ready and will leave after the dancing at the reception is finished. Other photographers charge you for any extra hours and extra time.

We have two adult photographers with years of experience both male and female. Do you need a female perspective on the biggest day of your life? Of course! Others have one photographer with one camera and one perspective.

We give you a wide range of professionally finished images on Zip Drive, from black and white to special effects and you have print copyright! Other photographers keep the copyright so you must order from them and pay a huge price for prints.

We will gladly shoot at as many local locations as you can fit in the time schedule and look forward to the variety. Others will charge you more money for multiple locations.

We provide a good selection of basic wedding albums, with a three week turnaround time after the order is placed. These albums aren’t exotic but excellent quality because our goal is to work with affordability. Other photographers use Ostrich skin from Italy and the turn around time is months. You will pay top dollar for someone’s ego. And that’s fine unless you are on a budget.

We professionally retouch each image so you look your best and give you 400-600 of the best images. Tod is a member of National Association of Photoshop professionals with over 10 years retouching experience. Others, they even retouch any skin glare?

We also provide online image ordering after the ceremony at Book Photodelux and spend the extra money on the honeymoon!

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